Tips For A Fun And Exciting Wedding Reception


There are many things to make your wedding reception special and memorable. You have to make sure that the guests have plenty of things to entertain themselves with. There can be games, quizzes and numerous creative and imaginative ways to have fun. You have to plan your wedding reception to ensure that all the guests have a good time. Visit 

You can have certain items and hire professionals that will provide entertainment. Given how many photos people take and the popularity of social media, you can have a photo booth hire in Melbourne. Rest assured, there will be an excited queue for the photo booth. You can also hire a caricature artist to draw fun renditions of your guests. In addition to fun activities, you should also think about the seating of the reception. You have to put guests together who get along. Try to restrain from playing matchmaker or forcing guests to sit with strangers just so they’ll make friends. You can ensure great conversation by having a thoughtful seating chart. You can also give away wedding favours such as desserts, marshmallows, sunglasses, cute plants, accessories etc. Food is an important part of the wedding reception and you can make it more fun by creating a build-it-yourself dessert bar. Interactive food stations are a wonderful wedding reception idea. You can also have customised cocktails the guests can ask the bartender to make. Children will love to have a chocolate fountain.

You have to keep from making long winded speeches so the toasts have to be short and sweet. Make sure that you have a plan for kids so that they will have enough activities to occupy themselves with leaving the parents to have some free time of their own. You can have a designated area for kids with a babysitter. This area can have games, a crafts table, movies, a dance party, video games, a photo booth hire etc. Make sure that the dance floor is kept lively with energetic music. You can switch music styles so that your guests are kept on their feet. Discuss with the band beforehand about handling breaks and keeping the rhythm of the party going. The DJ you choose have to be current and be able to play music that will get anyone into the dance floor to have a good time. You can make the dinner more fun as well by having several smaller courses instead of the typical fare. There can be small surprises between the courses such as a dancer, a moving song, a hilarious toast etc. It’s good to have surprise entertainment options like magicians, salsa dancers and any other type of surprise acts that you can think of.